We could make projections on any backround; ie.) buildings, festival buildings/tents, bars, cafés, hotels, streets, water, on earth’s surfaces, and walls with any kind of colour, even on black painted walls – our lights will be always seen. The projected surface could be 4000 m2 big.

How often did you make pictures from an Illumination somewhere by yourself? How often did you see people making pictures of light projections in a music club?

The light painting is a great decoration element to create a memorable, unique atmosphere of events. The painting can be used even at such places, where traditional advertising spaces cannot be located, so a bigger part of the target group can be achieved. Even a stronger effect can be achieved, because you can "compose” the building features into the creative fabric.

The light painting can be used both indoors and outdoors and for advertising in public areas. The specific needs of the project and the cost depend on the projected surface size and the special arrangement of the location.